Knightsbridge Residences

It is the luxury, prestige, central location and history of Knightsbridge in London that has inspired Makati’s most desired
new residential high-rise at Century City. A majestic structure striking a magnificent silhouette against the Makati skyline.

Affording you with generous views of Makati’s shimmering lights and the dramatic Manila Bay sunset, this is your personal sanctuary for recreation and relaxation amidst the flux of city life. Wade in an encompassing ambience of
meticulously-crafted modern design and unparalleled panoramic vistas.

Artfully breathtaking and totally uninterrupted.

It’s impossible to find any other place so perfectly suited to your lifestyle. Situated in the country ‘s undisputed urban capital is a sensational structure specifically conceived to respond to the needs of the fashionable metropolitan dweller.

A unique collection of efficient spaces in the sky, supplemented by hypersized convergence areas and characterized by world-class chic interiors,
The Knightsbridge Residences will revolutionize the way people live in this bustling, dynamic metropolis.

People have always sought out special places to indulge their desire for invigoration and relaxation – sanctuaries of space and tranquility that restores skyward calm in the midst of exuberant urban energy.

The Knightsbridge Residences at Century City marks the advent of a new era of high-rise living in the country. Your purchase affords you more than just the four walls of your unit. The tower is replete with innovative and pioneering amenities that will expand your home and allow your comfort to spill out.

Foliage and water features; an observatory, “lanterns” and a designer lounge, entertainment, dining and fitness areas – all these and more make
The Knightsbridge Residences a perfect haven for the successful, stylish citizen of today.